2002 Cabrio

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2002 Cabrio

Post by MrBreeze »

So I've had the Cabrio almost 7 months now. Some good, some bad, some infuriating:

- It's a blast to drive. Comfortable with a tiny little pep
- Got most of the work done that was needed, no more leaks

- Needed more than I expected, but except for the body being a little on the unhappy side, it's now in good shape. New brakes, coolant (?) leak fixed, oil leak fixed. New windshield (do NOT push hard on a windshield!). New radio. Passenger window just needed a love tap on the motor and it's working. Replaced cracked taillight.

- Needed more because the little bastard that sold it to me disconnected the Check Engine light, which I didn't find out until it was time for inspection. Luckily there was nothing too serious wrong

So next I'm gonna see if I can sew up the top issues, got the correct tools for that. If not, next year it'll get a top. Or this year if I can find a wreck with a good one.

Gonna whip out the ol' bondo and fill a few holes. If the economy is better next year, we may get it cheaply painted.

Biggest thing is Gemma has to get her dang license so she can use it!
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